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By 7th August 2018Recording

Goldfield Productions have full funding to record the first CD of the chamber music of ERIKA FOX for NMC Recordings. Erika is 81 and an astonishingly good composer whose music we only discovered 18 months ago. She was very active in the 1970s and 80s but her work has almost vanished without trace. She now has a new website  This landmark project will mark the first commercial recording of Erika Fox’s music.


‘The originality and strength of her musical language is so striking that its general lack of promotion and exposure is baffling. Here is an authentic composer of absolute integrity whose music demands to be heard’.
Paul Conway Musical Opinion Quarterly April – June 2017

On her quartet ‘Kaleidoscope’ (1983)
‘a most imaginative ear for the chemistry of THE TIMES

On her chamber opera ‘The Dancer Hotoke’. (1983)
‘Judging from the breathless hush, I was not alone in being transfixed’ THE OBSERVER

On ‘Paths Where the Mourners Tread’ (1980)
‘The music teems with imaginative textural and melodic ideas’ THE TELEGRAPH

On her puppet Music Drama ’ The Bet’ (1990) (Purcell Room premiere)
‘The Bet…..deserves to start a trend’ THE INDEPENDENT

CD Programme:

• Malincolia Militaire 14’ (2003) (vln, vla, vc , pno)
• Paths Where the Mourners Tread 20’ (1980)
(flt, oboe, percussion, harp, vln, vla, vc, double bass)
• Kaleidoscope 15’ (1983) (flt, harp, percussion, vc)
• Cafe Warsaw 15’ (2005) (flt,cl, vln, vc, percussion)
• Quasi Una Cadenza 12’ (1983) (cl, hn, pno)
• On Visiting Stravinsky’s Grave at San Michele 10’ (1988) (solo pno)

Supporting statement by Kate Romano (Goldfield Productions)
It is exceptionally rare to stumble across a virtually unknown / forgotten composer, whose music genuinely excites and delivers, piece after piece. Incredibly, there are no recordings of Erika’s music except for the handful she salvaged from BBC archives. Erika’s extensive catalogue shows a predilection for chamber music and stage works. Her language is bold, uncompromising and remarkably fresh. She is a composer who is constantly energised by sound and its inexhaustible possibilities. The works proposed for this CD form a balanced and varied representation of Erika’s output. NMC and Goldfield believe that Erika is a highly distinctive compositional voice and this CD – and subsequent events – will be the catalyst for her music to become deservedly more widely known. In the words of Harrison Birtwistle ‘Erika’s music is different – it doesn’t sound like anyone else’s ‘

THANK YOU to NMC Recordings , PRS Foundation Diana Ambache #RVWTRust #HinrichsenFoundation
and everyone else who has supported this very worthy project in so many encouraging ways. The CD will be released in June / July 2019

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