Coming soon: Three Stories About Home (2018)

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The Goldfield Ensemble weave their trademark magic of storytelling, simple shadow-play images and the finest chamber music to bring you Three Stories About Home.

We tell the stories of travelling families, of children who discover adventures in unknown places, of young people who start their lives again with new friends in foreign lands. Told with the greatest empathy, sensitivity and respect, Three Stories About Home opens up a world of wonder and curiosity about the different type of places that children might call home today.

Written and narrated by Kate Romano

Music for string quartet performed by The Goldfield Ensemble

Workshop: storytelling through music

We are delighted to offer a workshop in conjunction with Three Stories About Home. Lasting 60 minutes, this fully-inclusive, hands-on workshop is designed for up to 30 KS2 children. It aims to ignite imaginations, cultivate resourcefulness and a can-do, creative approach to leaning within a friendly and lively framework.

An evocative short story (or poem) will be set to music by KS2 children, mentored and assisted by the workshop leader Kate Romano and the 4 members of the Goldfield Ensemble. How might sound illustrate words? What sounds might move us, surprise us, make us happy or sad? Using conventional instruments, body percussion and self-made instruments the groups will form an ‘orchestra’ and will work to perform their piece at the end of the session. The emphasis on practical music making and non-standardised ways of communicating sounds and ideas make this suitable for all children, including those with special educational needs.













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